Musician Powerpoints Presentations

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1) Musicians and the prevention of hearing loss
An overview of factors affecting hearing loss including strategies for its prevention

2) Musicians and hearing aids
A Presentation regarding the optimal electroacoustic parameters that hearing aids should have for music as an input

3) Musicians and otoacoustic emissions
Three cases of otoacoustic emissions with musicians

4) Strategies to minimize music induced hearing loss
Various strategies to minimize the potential of music induced hearing loss are overviewed. These are inexpensive and have been used for years- in many cases, without the musician actually being aware of the science and physiology involved.

5) The Benefits of Distortion in Speech and Music
The benefits of distortion in both speech and music are reviewed with a rationale based on an increase in intermodulation distortion improving speech intelligibility for those with hearing loss. Distortion is also implicated in the wonderful sound of classic rock and roll.

6) Hearing and ipods
An overview of ipods and the potential for hearing loss concentrating on the "120 minutes at 60% volume rule".

7) Alternative Assessments for Musicians
Assessment of musicians can be quite complicated, but if attention is restricted to assessments that can assist in the prevention of future hearing loss, the task becomes more manageable. This presentation talks about the benefits of high frequency audiometry (above 12,000 Hz) as well as the use of within subject (longitudinal) testing of otoacoustic emissions as a possible early detector of hearing loss.

Distorted Music Samples
Distorted music samples caused by having too low of a peak input limiting level. (See Musicians and Hearing Aids powerpoint).